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Solid Insurance Providers have over 11 years experience with all types of surety bonds. Our most common bond types are:

Financial stability bonds

• Required with a credit score less than 660

• Available in $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 bond limits

• Instant approval via phone (407) 234-7918

Financially responsible officer bonds

• $100,000 bond limit ($1,000 per year with approved credit)

Bid, Payment and performance bonds

• Small jobs up to $500,000 with easy credit driven underwriting

• Large Job up to $10 million single line and $20 Million aggregate

• We help you complete the applications to save you time

License and permit bonds

• Instant quotes on most bonds via phone (407) 234-7918

• All counties available

Probate and court bonds

• All court systems in Florida are available

• Call for details

What is a Surety bond?

A surety bond is a line of credit backed by an insurance company instead of a bank. It is used to protect the public when required by statute or to protect an oblige (person or entity requiring the bond). Bonds are underwritten exactly like a line of credit you would get from your bank. Credit checks and financial statements are required for most bonds.